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Dr. Gary Chapman, world renown author, speaker and counselor says that there are 5 Love Languages. 

Go to Dr. Chapman’s website…
http://www.fivelovelanguages.com/ …and take this 30-second quiz. 
ind out if you and your “mate” are speaking the same language!!

My hubby and I tested it out for you.  It’s quite eye-opening.  I was “speaking love” to him the way I WANTED TO HEAR IT or have it expressed to me…and he was “speaking love” to me the way HE WANTED TO HEAR IT!   DUH…figure that out!!  Now we have insight into what we can “hear” from each other.  I will say “thank you” more often…even for the little things.  And he will hug me more…I’m HAPPY…he’s HAPPY!!!

Check out Dr. Chapman’s 30-second quiz for the “5 Languages of Apology”…that’s VERY useful! 

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“You Make Me Sick!!” 
How many times have you said that?  There may be more to this than you realize!! 

Answer these simple questions…   

  • Are you over-eating and gaining weight?
  • Do youoften find yourself depressed or overly anxious?
  • Do you have frequent headaches and/or chronic back or abdominal pains?
  • Have you been diagnosed with hypertension or heart disease?

According to the Family Violence Prevention Fund, “ANY of these health problems may be the result of chronic stress from an abusive relationship.”  Becoming aware of the connection between your relationship and your wellness can help you take action to have a healthier life!

My relationship is HEALTHY if…  

  • My partner is willing to communicate openly when there is a problem.
  • My partner gives me space to spend time with family, friends and other people.
  • My partner is kind and supportive.

If these statements are true for you,  you are most likely in a healthy relationship which could lead to a much healthier you…both mentally and physically!!

My relationship is UNHEALTHY if…

  • My partner criticizes me and makes me feel quilty…that everything is my fault.
  • My partner is controlling…controls where I go, who I talk to, and how much money I spend.
  • My partner has hurt me or threatened to hurt me, or has pressured me to have sex.

If ANY of these statements describe your partner, your health and safety may be in danger. 

What can you DO? 
REMEMBER…it is not your fault!
You deserve to have a healthy, safe and loving relationship.  There ARE steps that you can take.

CALL the…
National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224
for toll-free, 24-hour support for safety planning, housing options, legal advice and local referrals.

Click to enlarge

Check out the Domestic Violence website… www.endabuse.org … to find out more about support systems and information to build stronger, safer, more productive relationships and families.

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As I drove to work…not a minute to spare as usual…traffic came to a complete HALT!
“Darn…what’s up with this?”  I complained.  “Okay, Lord, help me…you know I don’t want to be late.”
“WAIT”…came the sweet calm voice…”what did I teach you about waiting?”

I reflected back to a morning meditation from several years ago.  The Spirit was teaching me about “waiting on the Lord.”  I recalled seeing the image of a waiter with a clean, white towel draped over his arm.  He watched intently as his client sat eating the meal he had just delivered.  He was “waiting” on his patron. 

“Waiting,” spoke the Spirit, “is very active!  You need to pay attention and be ready to respond at any minute, right?”

“Sure,” I mumbled.  “But what does that have to do with the traffic?”

“You’re feeling rushed…bogged down with all the responsiblity of the day.  Take a moment,” the Spirit whispered, “and just think about a new meaning of WAIT.”

W is for WISH, A is for Ask, I is for Intend (intend to receive), and T is for Thanks!”

“I understand the “ask” and even the “intend”…ask believing that you have already received.  But…why WISH, Spirit?  That seems foreign.” 

“Remember when you were 4?  You didn’t blink when you asked for a pony for your birthday!  You didn’t think about how much it would cost, who would feed and care for it, or where it would live.  As people grow older, they forget how to WISH…let their imaginations just GO…live in a space of unlimited POSSIBLITY.”

“SO….Take some time and WISH! 
Take some time and write out 50 things you would wish for…don’t even think about the HOW. 
Open yourself to possibility…there is no judgment in possiblity…it just is!  It’s really a very refreshing trip.  You may find you won’t mind being in a traffic jam when you take the time to let your imagination run free.”

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Hi fellow dogs…and cats…who own people pets!
We’re Caesar and Augustus…”C.Z.Wheez” and “Augie Doggie”, as we’re fondly called by our people pets.  We are both Welsh Pembroke Corgis.   They call Corgis the “Queen’s dogs”.  That could be appropriate since our people pets are Princella and Charles…sort of like royalty…”Prince/Charles”. 

People animals take life so seriously some times.  We have a slightly better perspective and have a pretty good view of life…especially from a dog dish.   We’ll share some of our canine wisdom with you in our own blog…”2 Dogs A’Bloggin”.  Caesar does all the heavy thinking…I’m the computer whiz, so I do the typing.   Go to our link and take a look!  You can send us some of your favorite people pet stories, too!

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Fog is amazing!    I love it…so soft, so comforting, so beautiful! 
Of course, it has many meanings to many people.  Some people feel terribly uncomfortable in the fog.  It’s been associated with monsters and things lurking in the mist.  Or, it connotes confusion…like the expression “he’s  in a fog”…he’s lost.  Or, her mind is “foggy”…she can’t think straight…doesn’t have a CLUE what’s going on!  

Autumn dawn

If you think about the beauty of fog, it can be quite reassurring.  It envelopes you like a soft, warm blanket.  It wraps you in mystery because you can only see the immediate step in front of you.  In that way, fog is like FAITH.  I don’t have to worry about what’s up ahead…I can take one step at a time and just ENJOY being in the moment.   I can just take one step at a time and let God unfold my future

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Buttocks, butts, boodies…we have all them.  Some are more prominent than others.  Could be a GOOD thing…at least from Mikey’s perspective!

My grandson, when he was was about 4, was totally enamoured with that thick flesh.  His mother and aunt, both rather full-figured beautiful women, were in the kitchen washing dishes when Mikey saundered up to his aunt and bit her on the butt!  “OW”!!! 

His mom, fully surprised and very frustrated, took him to his room.  “Mikey, I dont’ know what to do with you,”  she stuttered!  “We’ve talked about inappropriate touching…you know better!  I don’t know whether to spank you or what!  We need to pray about this!”

Mikey, with him hands tenderly folded and tears streaming down his face, said softly, “I’m sorry, God, for biting Aunt Melissa on the butt.  I didn’t mean to hurt her.  I’m so sorry!!,” he cried.  “But, please Lord, help me know what to do when it’s LOOKING AT ME!!”


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Here we go! 
Bags packed…or…if you’ve seen your shrink…UNPACKED. 
Life is a journey and it’s best traveled with friends…kindred spirits are best!! 
As your Kindred Coach, I will journey with you into the next best part of your life.  Together, we are in store for a  wonderful adventure!

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