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My husband and I had an ANT problem this weekend.  As with all verments, they HAD TO GO!  We marched to Canadian Tire and purchased every legal ant-killing chemical we could find.  Results…to the tune of the Pink Panther theme..DEAD ANTS, dead ants…dead ants, dead ants, dead ants, dead ants, dead AAANNNTTTS…du,du,du!!!

Except…Sunday, ANTS RETURNED…but not as the scampering little black terrors…but as “Always Negative Thoughts”!  We watched a Public TV special on a subject that is now raging in Pop Psychology…”Train Your Brain”.  According to the author, Dr. Daniel Amen, you can change your LIFE by CHANGING YOUR  BRAIN!!   In Dr. Amen’s book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness, he points out the areas of the brain that control certain automatic behaviors such as ALWAYS NEGATIVE THINKING…ANTS!! 

Suddenly, I became aware of how infested my THINKING has been in some areas.  I have had trust issues for a long time and recently became aware of the negative self-talk.  Naming that voice “Matilda”…sorry, don’t mean to offend the Matildas of the world…I have become much more aware of where those thoughts are coming from and can more readily distinguish them from TRUTH!  But…with MUCH conscious work!

With this newfound insight from Dr. Amen, “Matilda” has now become “ANT Matilda”…and I don’t have to believe everything she says…”ANTs often lie” according to Dr. Amen.

It’s comforting to know that I can, as Dr. Amen recommends, TALK BACK to my “ANT” and confront her negative comments with affirmations, insight, education and truth!  And at the same time, as Dr. Amen points out, redirect the chemical pathways in my brain to create positive thought patterns and CHANGE MY LIFE!

I’ll share more of Dr. Amen’s insights…recognizing the various types of ANTS and how to KILL the ANT messages!  Dead ANTS, dead ANTS, dead ANTS… du, du, du, du!!!



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