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In my devotional this morning, I came across a prior journal entry about “restoring my soul”.  “Write with me, Princi Beth.” The Spirit urged me to grab a pencil and start dialoguing…just write what you “hear” God (Daddy) saying.   I heard “restore” as “RE-STORE”!  I saw in my imagination a truck pulling up to a store with a large red sign “Going Out of Business” plastered over its door as workers busily lugged out boxes of goods to a moving truck.  The workers were stoned-faced, disgruntled, confused, frustrated as they emptied the building, leaving it baron and dark.     moving pic

ANGER emptied my “soul stores”…the STORES 0f My Innerbeing!   Frustration and disappointment packed up my “goods” with soured faces, while grief, anger and distrust hauled the boxes into the darkness of the awaiting truck.  My “stores” were being emptied…my “goods” to be left in the gloomy dark.  Lights out!!  Closed for business…(busy-ness)!!  Shelves are empty…heart is hardened.  Sounds like death…ugh!!

But, You, Daddy, reminded me…(re-MIND-ed me…changed my perspective by telling and teaching me the truth)…of Your promises:  “And I will give you the TREASURES OF DARKNESS and hidden riches of secret places” (Isaiah 45:3);  “…And be not grieved and depressed, for the JOY of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.” (Nehemiah 8:10)
You remind me that You, Father/Mother God, restore (RE-STORE) my soul!!  YOU, Holy One, turn the LIGHTS back on…YOU break open the hidden truck and bring out all my “goods” that had been whisked away.  YOU give me back the treasures of my soul that had been packed away and stashed in darkness.

I can see the workers’ sincere faces…Trust, Commitment and Constancy dig through the boxes to re-pack my goods; Compassion and … (“What do you see, Princi?”…I don’t know…this is hard work!!)  (I see…) Compassion and Forgiveness are at work cleaning the shelves and turning on Lights, rebuilding the storerooms!   Laughter, Holy Expectation and Outrageous Creativity are redesigning the layout. (“What do you see?”…Uh–I don’t have a word for it.) (“What does it FEEL like?” Your Holy Breath!)  Your Holy Breath breathes New Life…a refreshing, light breeze…a warm, comforting, nurturing sigh and the boxes begin to move themsleves back into the store.  All the goodness contained inside the boxes move into their places back on the shelves!!  grocery store

My Daily Bread shelves are full again of Your fresh, sweet Word!  Your Milk of Life fills the bright, clean coolers.  The Strong Meat of Your Truth lay needly and deeply in the lighted, cooled places.  Jars of “A Good Word – like Honeycomb” sit in deep rows in my “Healing” isle.  And the Fruit of Your Holy Spirit fill all the shelves of my fresh, renewed thinking.  Love and Joy tend my store, and TRUST stands guard at my door…(“Yeshua told the synagogue official, “Don’t be afraid, just keep trusting.” Mark 5:35 – Complete Jewish Bible)

I am at HOME again!   You, Father/Mother God, have RE-STORED my soul…and MORE TRUCKS ARE COMING!!!   Truly, the JOY of the Lord is my salvation!!  And, the Lord is my shepherd; I have everthing that I want and need!!! (A psalm of David: Adonai is my shepherd; I lack nothing. He has me lie down in grassy pastures, he leads me by quiet water, he restores my inner person.)

Thank you, Daddy!!!

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