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I was feeling really sorry that I had lost a special silver bracelet that was a gift from a dear friend.  My husband and I had been feverishly shopping over a couple of day, running from store to store, getting our home put back together after water damage.  As we were trekking goods into the house, I noticed that my beautiful bracelet was GONE!!!  I started retracing our steps and making phone calls to stores and restaurants where we had spent time that day.  To no avail!!! 

But, I didn’t despair.  I had had other occasions where I had lost items…even a diamond from my ring…and God found them for me!  The time I lost the diamond, I told God that if I found it I would give it to my father to put in a ring for my mother for their 50th wedding anniversary.  I was working for a pharmaceutical company and received a call from my manager requesting that I make the two hour drive to the main office for an early meeting.  I had $14 in my pocket and a dirty company car!!  When I dropped my kids off to my parents to babysit, my mother asked if I had any money for milk.  The Lord told me to give her my only $14 and that He’d return it to me 10 times over.  So I did.  I went to get my car washed with the coin change in my purse…fortunately, my tank was full.  As I was vacuuming the crevices of the back seat, I found my diamond!!!!  What a surprise!!! 

My manager had asked me to attend a meeting not to, as I thought, discuss company product, but to offer me a PROMOTION with two raises…$140 more per week was first one!!!   GOD KEPT HIS PROMISE!!!  As I promised God, I gave it to diamond to my father for a beautiful anniversary ring for my mother. 

I even lost a silver feather from a precious pair of Native American silver earrings…not once, but THREE times…and God made them miraculously appear…one time in the dark of night…I stepped on it!  So many times He has done this just to teach me that NOTHING IS LOST WITH GOD…not things or people or bad times.

So I didn’t despair when I lost my bracelet.  I just let it go believing that if God desired, He would make it show up.  Sitting here at my computer today I happened to glance up to take in the beautiful day and the glorious colors of the flowers in my garden.  There…hanging from one of the branches of a flowering bush outside my window…was my SILVER BRACELET!!!   I JUST LOVE GOD’S SENSE OF HUMOR…BUT I LOVE HIS FAITHFULNESS EVEN MORE!!

As I ponder the confusion and mistrust all around me…and within me…during this trying times, these experiences remind me that God sees all, knows all and is always able to restore to us that which we feel we’ve lost.  I can be still and trust that God is able to take care of me…that is why I’m not afraid or live in dread of what may happen. 

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