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Buttocks, butts, boodies…we have all them.  Some are more prominent than others.  Could be a GOOD thing…at least from Mikey’s perspective!

My grandson, when he was was about 4, was totally enamoured with that thick flesh.  His mother and aunt, both rather full-figured beautiful women, were in the kitchen washing dishes when Mikey saundered up to his aunt and bit her on the butt!  “OW”!!! 

His mom, fully surprised and very frustrated, took him to his room.  “Mikey, I dont’ know what to do with you,”  she stuttered!  “We’ve talked about inappropriate touching…you know better!  I don’t know whether to spank you or what!  We need to pray about this!”

Mikey, with him hands tenderly folded and tears streaming down his face, said softly, “I’m sorry, God, for biting Aunt Melissa on the butt.  I didn’t mean to hurt her.  I’m so sorry!!,” he cried.  “But, please Lord, help me know what to do when it’s LOOKING AT ME!!”


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